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Live at Pet Sounds Aid, Stockholm

This is the video recording of The Mobile Homes performing live at “Pet Sounds Aid” – a benefit gala for the “Pet Sounds” record store in Stockholm, Sweden.

If anybody has any more details on this gig, please leave a comment and let us know things like year, location, etc.

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Turn Off The Silence

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The Next Song

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Love To Be Loved

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Super 8 films

This is a digital conversion of a VHS tape of converted super 8 films. Enjoy. :)

If anybody wants to tell me what videos these clips were used, I’ll link and tag better.

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Official video for Afraid. Recorded in 1991.

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Recording the video for Afraid

This is the original takes from the recording of “Afraid”. The single was released in 1991.

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Live at Rantarock

This live video was shot at Rantarock in Finland. Does anybody know what year?

The setlist for this show is: I can’t believe you, Afraid, Definitely Wrong, Love Relation, String Of Light, To Belong, I Do What I Can, Feeling Better.

Thanks to Andreas for compiling the setlist!

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I Can’t Believe You

This video was scanned by Mattias Norrby and his description on YouTube reads as follows:

Recorded from Swedish TV. Ripped from a lousy VHS cassette 19 years later.
The intro is not part of the actual video but a joke by the Swedish TV show “Popitopp”.

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