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United – Live on RTL

In what surely must now seem like a bad dream, our friends perform “United” together with Karl Bartos on a German kids’ TV show back in 1998(?).

A very disoriented Per is attacked by bouncy German TV hosts and forced to answer the question “Why do Swedish bands always have such good pop songs – is it the Wasa knäckebröd?”.

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Interview on “Bullen”, Swedish television

This classic interview with Hans and Per, made for Swedish childrens’ television program “Bullen” on April 7th, 1991, contains a lot of golden quotes regarding us synthers’ love for industrial areas…
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Interview with Per Liliefeldt

Interview with Per Liliefeldt before the release of “Today Is Your Lucky Day”.

In Swedish only.


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Interview @ Z-TV 1991

A now classic interview from Swedish ZTV made in 1991 in which the boys get to defend their choice of musical style, including “you have no hits” and “why so depressing?”.

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